The World Needs Software Solutions for Climate Change Problems

Extreme weather events are a growing global concern. Climate change affects current as well as future generations and adaptation and risk mitigation are necessary now. Software solutions can... individuals and communities better understand, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters & impacts.

...fix communication gaps between people, organizations, scientists, and authorities.

...accelerate the creation and adoption of data from Earth and space to improve climate change-focused monitoring and alerts.

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Climate Change Impact Platform (CCIP)
Research Project

Extreme weather events are a growing concern around the world. Environment & Climate Change Canada says Canada is warming at twice the world average. Climate change issue affects current as well as future generations and adaptation and risk mitigation are necessary now. 

The Communication Gap

When it comes to climate change, we at Deploy Solutions believe there is a critical communication gap between government officials, scientists and experts (“trusted authorities”), and ordinary citizens.

As citizens, we do not know what specific actions we can take to avoid, mitigate, adapt to, or recover from the effects of climate change in our personal situation (such as in our home and neighbourhood).

Even if we do act, trusted authorities don’t have a record and cannot study our effectiveness.

A solution is needed to overcome this communication gap and spur effective action at the individual and community grassroots level.

Our Climate Change Research Efforts

We set out to investigate if there is a need for a solution that gives citizens personalized help preparing for and recovering from climate change impacts and lets trusted authorities assist them and report on their results.

As part of this effort, a great deal of market and technical research  was conducted over the last 18 months. Over 100 students were involved, in 20 classes across Canada, USA and Australia. We connected with the students through Riipen, which is an experiential learning projects platform that links students and employers.

We then confirmed whether the communication gap existed by conducting primary and secondary research, using a mixed-methods design to integrate quantitative and qualitative data.

First we randomly surveyed Canadian citizens using an online poll, to better understand their level of awareness of climate change action and readiness to act if assisted by a software tool. Then, we validated our theory about the communication gap problem by conducted interviews with 114 Canadians across all provinces and territories via Zoom. The interviewees included officials from the three level of government, faith-based organizations, business people, NGOs, and ordinary citizens.

Our Research Results

Our greatest finding was the willingness of citizens to take responsibility and use climate change impact platform to help themselves, their neighbors and community plan for, mitigate and recover from climate change disasters. We also confirmed that a software solution can be built.

We've compiled the high level findings of our research project and are sharing it under a permissive open content license, so you can view and distribute it for non-commercial purposes.

Thanks and Recognition

We are grateful to so many people who have helped us along the way. Thank you. We wish you success, health, and happiness. Let us hope and work for a better world!

As a recognition of their work, we've created a "thank you" website listing our research contributors. You can learn more about their individual projects here.

About Deploy Solutions

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We are a Canadian software company that builds geospatial or "space apps" (software solutions that use data from space, such as Earth Observation images taken from satellites).

We are currently in the research and design phase of a Climate Change Impact Planner (CCIP) software application to help citizens and trusted authorities communicate better as they prepare for, mitigate and recover from adverse climate change impacts (such as natural disasters).